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BEYOND PURPLE performs a showcase of the biggest hits from Deep Purple and Whitesnake, as well as Rainbow and Dio; all born out of the Deep Purple family tree. The band faithfully re-creates the vivid experience of live, high-energy music from what many consider to be Rock’s greatest era.


​Beyond Purple consists of elite musicians with national ties, including guitarist Jimi Bell (Autograph, House of Lords); his amazing skills and prowess on guitar are truly world class.


Mike Gill (Livesay, Johnny A.) is the lead voice of the band, with powerful soaring vocals in the style of Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner, and Ronnie James Dio. His energetic stage presence brings every song to life.


Drummer BJ Zampa (Dokken, House of Lords) pounds out thunderous beats with a huge groove that locks in the band on every note; he also contributes harmony vocals.


Bassist Brian Camilleri rounds out the rhythm section, laying down the low-end thunder and locking in with BJ, to create a solid musical foundation.


Welcome Gary Fox Jr. on keyboards and backing vocals, a long standing member of legendary Led Zeppelin tribute “Physical Graffiti”. His talent is beyond amazing.   


Their high energy show fully engages the crowd, with accurate song renditions that capture the raw energy and power that has made this style of music one of the most popular of all time.



Just click on the text to read each members description.

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