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Bj ZAMPA (Drums/Percussion)

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Drummer Bj Zampa (Dokken, House of Lords) pounds out thunderous beats with a huge groove that locks in the band on every note; he also contributes harmony vocals.

Bj Zampa isn't your typical Rock Drummer.

In Fact, It is more accurate to label Zampa as a "Groove-Meister".

Zampa combines Head Banging beats with funky idioms to produce the biggest Foot Stomping sound around. Known for his exceptional drumming abilities, Zampa at the age of 22 after playing New England local clubs with acts such as The Excerpts, Mad Racket, Run 21, was asked by Mike Varney to join up with Tony MacAlpine to finish up his Squwk Polygram release Eyes Of The World album . In 1990 Mike Varney called upon Zampa again to fill the drumming spot with the band Driver which consisted of Rob Rock vocals, Roy Z guitars) later Z went on to produce Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson), Emil Lech-Brando bass. The band toured the East Coast until 1991 and soon after disbanded. Upon leaving Driver, Zampa did a short stint with guitar hero Blues Saraceno until he received a phone call from guitar great Yngwie Malmsteen asking him to join his band and finish up his Seventh Sign North American tour. (Mike Vescera vocals, Barry Sparks bass, Mat's Olausson keyboards, Yngwie Malmsteen guitar). After leaving Malmsteen Zampa and Vescera started to put together a new band with ex Malmsteen bass player Barry Sparks and Scott Boland guitars. The band was called M.V.P. Pony Canyon picked up the band and released the album entitled 'Windows' . Soon after the release there was a line up change and Vescera called upon Shrapnel recording artist Joey Taffola to fill the guitar spot and Jammie Scott of (Tyketto) to play bass. Zampa and M.V.P. with the new lineup toured South America supporting Quite Riot. With South America behind him, Zampa built Father Panic Studios and started producing local New England bands, when his old pal Ted Bullet ex (Thunderhead - Son Of A Bitch guitar player vocalist) gave him a call from Germany looking to start yet another band. After Bullet and Zampa finished up some demos, German label SPV picked up the duo and requested that Bullet reform Thunderhead. Without a guitar player or bass player Zampa looked up old pal from the local club days guitar great Jimi Bell ex (Geezer Butler/Joined Force) and Mark Franco ex (Joined Forces/Canyon) bass, to fill out the new Thunderhead lineup. One month later SPV released Thunderhead's 'Ugly Side'. Thunderhead toured Europe with "METAL GODS" OF THE 1980's Metal Church. Back from Europe, and blown away by Thunderheads live shows Metal Church vocalist David Wayne called upon Bell, Zampa and Franco to join him in his new project called David Wayne's Metal Church. The album was released by Nuclear Blast records and sold 30,000 units world wide topping metal charts in Japan and Europe.

With the success of David Wayne's Metal Church, Zampa decided to call ex (Malmsteen - Loudness) front man Mike Vescera to start another album this time using Thunderhead /David Wayne's Metal Church shredder Jimi Bell on guitar to create a heavier sound for the new M.V.P. album. Vescera also recruited ex (Malmsteen keyboardist) Mat's Olausson, Chris McCarvill {Jeff Scott Soto band} on bass, "Metal" Mike Chlasciak (Rob Halford guitarist) and many others. The album is called 'The Altar' and was released in Europe and Japan by Avalon/Marquee and once again made a bunch of noise in the "metal world".
Other artists Zampa has worked with include: Mark Diglio guitar XYZ, John Aldrete bass Racer X, Randy Jackson bass American Idol/Whitney Houston, Wally Voss bass MacAlpine/Malmsteen, Robin Beck vocals, Jon Brion Music producer/composer/songwriter Aimee Mann/Fiona Apple, and many more. As of 2006 Bj Zampa can be herd on the new House of Lords CD called 'World Upside Down'. Look for him in a city near you with the House of Lords as they start there 2006 / 2007 World Tour. In 2008 Bj was very busy, in March of 2008 House of Lords released there latest studio CD 'Come To My Kingdom', The band followed up the release with a world tour. Fresh off the successful House of Lords tour Bj was asked to fill the drum spot as a fill in for the legendary rock band 'Dokken' on there summer tour with Poison. Playing in front of crowds of 20,000 and sometimes more, Bj was honored to play with such a prestigious band. Bj's experience with Dokken is yet another testimonial in his abilities and his sense of professionalism. In addition to announcing an appearance at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Trezzo (MI), Italy on 12 April 2015 and as part of the 'Indestructible' Tour 2015, House of Lords performed in Japan at Loudpark 2015 on 10 October 2015. The 'Indestructible' tours started in Helsinki, Finland on 25 September and concluded on 19 October in Pratteln, Switzerland. A USA date on 23 October followed.

In January 2017 it was announced that House of Lords eleventh studio album 'Saint Of The Lost Souls' would be released on March 24th, 2017. According to a Frontiers press release the album was recorded with essentially the same line-up as previous albums, the only change being Chris Tristram (The Red Hot/Perfect Beings/Jack Russell’s Great White) replacing Chris McCarvill on bass guitar. The band has toured relentlessly in Europe and the States in support of their releases and have now become a true staple of the hard rock scene on both continents. House Of Lords stands for superb hooks and majestic atmospheres that bring back the memories of their stellar debut album, monumental guitar riffs and a production to die for. All these ingredients you will find on “Saint Of The Lost Souls” which shines from the first second to the last! ​Website (

In addition BJ is now playing on the new CD Simply titled 'Metal Disney', the compilation features singer Michael Vescera (Obsession/ex Yngwie Malmsteen), guitarist John Bruno (Obsession), bassist Rudy Sarzo (ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Quiet Riot, ex-Whitesnake) and drummer BJ Zampa (House of Lords, ex-Obsession, occasional Dokken touring member), billed as “D-Metal Stars.” 'Metal Disney' CD release date was Oct. 5th 2016 in the Japanese market [ メタル・ディズニー ] and released in the USA on Fri.31st.March 2017.

Other artists Zampa has worked with include: Mark Diglio (XYZ), John Aldrete (Racer X), Randy Jackson (American Idol/Whitney Houston), Wally Voss (MacAlpine/Malmsteen), Jon Brion (Music producer/composer/songwriter Aimee Mann/Fiona Apple).

Session drummer for Fiona Flanagan (Solo Artist/Actress/80’s personality), D-Metal Stars (Disney Metal), Robin Beck (Solo Artist), James Christian (Solo Artist), Ronny Monroe (Metal Church), Tony MacAlpine (Guitarist), Robert Marcello (Danger Danger), Jay Jesse Johnson (Dead Ringer), Barry Sparks (UFO/Dokken), Yngwie Malsteen (The Bee’s), Joey Concepcion (Armageddon), Scott Rif Miller (Tango Down), Chris Bickley (Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez), John Colby (former Music Director at ESPN), David Spade (Comedian) session drummer for his late night talk show), Bobby Pieper (YXZ & Heven).

Bj Zampa has toured with House of Lords, Maxx Explosion, Dokken, Thunderhead, Yngwie Malsteen, MVP, Obsession, Robin Beck & Fiona Flanagan to name a few.

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