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Grunge Texture
We would love to hear from our fans!


  • LeftyGtrPlr: Damn these guys are tight! Sounded great. April 2023

  • Kenneth Kelly: Deep Purple, Rainbow, Dio and Whitesnake fans, this tribute band just Stone Cold kills it! - April 2022

  • Jesper Petrusma:  Such a powerful voice, i would love to see your take on Child in Time guys, this is amazing.  Jan.2023

  • Augustalover;  Holy Shit !! I didn't know what to expect ? But Damn , i sure wasn't expecting this ! Somewhere the guys from Purple are smiling . This is Killer ! April 2022

  • Estée Creel  - One of your best. Always great! - Jan. 2019

  • Tosia Bara - I second that! 👆 Amazing band! You guys rocked!!🤘 - Oct. 2018

  • Gene Ethier  - KILLER job. Vocals and musicians were spot on. Highly recommended!!! - Oct. 2018

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